GTA Dealers Association

About Us

Welcome to the GTA Dealers Association.

If you are a auto dealer operating in Ontario, you should join this association.   

I am an experienced auto dealer lawyer who has completed thousands of hours of research about the regulatory issues affecting auto dealers in Ontario and I am now making my research and information available to members through this association.

Your membership in the GTA Dealers Association will give you exclusive access to the latest legal issues affecting the industry (i.e. OMVIC’s compliance and enforcement actions) and access to expert information on how to deal with OMVIC and consumer complaints.

I launched this association because unlike other ones out there, dealers and their staff do not have easy access to important legal information affecting their operations or livelihood. 

The information available to you as a member of the GTA Dealers Association is not available anywhere else and it can help you quash or minimize a fine that OMVIC has threatened you with or help you deal with a licensing issue.

If you are interested in joining the GTA Dealers Association (or if you have additional questions about it or me), please contact me through my Contact form.


George J. Atis

Founder & President