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Custom Services

If you are a member of the GTA Dealers Association, you will also have access to custom services at preferred rates.

Custom Compliance Programs

If you have recently been charged by OMVIC (and even if you have resolved the matter) or an OMVIC inspection has revealed deficiencies in your compliance, you may want to consider implementing one of my compliance programs.

I offer clear, concise, written compliance programs that a GM, GSM or an in-house Compliance Officer can “self-administer” and monitor during your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sales meetings. 

Compliance is not “rocket science” and should be administered internally; however, if you need temporary, on-site help with compliance, then, I can attend at your dealership (in-person or via a video conferencing service) and set you up with a few simple forms and training procedures to get you started on internal administration of your program.  Don't get sold on "compliance consulting" by unlicensed, ex-OMVIC inspectors who rely on "insider" contacts; OMVIC has now shut the door on this type of influence peddling and you no longer need to pay monthly "protection money".

The bottom line is: when you are a member of my GTA Dealers Association, you will get proactive help to avoid major compliance issues and specialized legal help, if necessary, if you get charged.  I have challenged OMVIC for several of my clients in a respectful, professional but direct manner.  The OMVIC legal department knows me and understands that I only take on cases where I feel that OMVIC is bullying a dealer with the threat of an excessive fine.

Dealer Merger or Acquisition Due Diligence

If you are considering buying or merging with another dealership or dealer group, then, you should make sure to do thorough due diligence on the “target’s” legal compliance and books and records.  As a lawyer, I have experience doing extensive due diligence.  After I complete my due diligence, I issue my written GJA Auto Dealer Compliance Practices Report which is a detailed assessment of a dealership compliance practices, covering the following areas:

  • Registration and Back-Office Operations
  • Trust Accounts
  • Advertisements & Trade Practices
  • Sales Contracting Procedures
  • Informal Dispute Resolution and Notification Procedures
  • Continuing Education Policies / Procedures
  • Business Record-Keeping Policies / Procedures

Technology Audits and Assessments and Contracting Assistance

My other practice area is information technology law. I am an expert in helping large and small companies source and procure the right software and tech services for their business and negotiating the contracts for such software or services.

Many dealers are using the wrong software and technology and are paying for products they don’t use or need.  They also accept bad and inflexible contract terms for their existing products or services. (For example, why can’t custom fields be added to a Bill of Sale or why can't an “AI compliance checker” be run on that Bill of Sale.  Catching common errors before a deal is signed will eliminate most inadvertent mistakes that OMVIC looks for in their inspections.)

I can audit your use of your current technology and provide a written assessment and recommendations for changes to your system that you can then take back to your services or software provider.

In addition, I can save your dealership thousands of dollars per year and/or get better contract terms – and service levels – when it comes time for renewal of your software package for your dealership or group.