GTA Dealers Association

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Membership Services & Inclusions

Your membership in the GTA Dealers Association includes: 

My GJA Special Edition Newsletters™: These newsletters address significant regulatory and legal developments. I send these out to members as I publish them.  Below are some important, previous newsletters:

  • Beware of Compliance Consultants - GJA Special Edition Newsletter - Sept 2020
  • Are OMVIC's Fines Enforceable? - GJA Special Edition Newsletter - March 2018
  • Dealing with High-Risk for Exports Cars - GJA Special Edition Newsletter - Dec 2016
  • Don’t Let OMVIC Bully You – GJA Special Edition Newsletter - Dec 2015

• My GJA Table of OMVIC Discipline Decisions™: This table includes the following information on the the most common complaints that end up as OMVIC Discipline Decisions.  (This table is worth the membership fee alone because when OMVIC attempts to charge you an excessive penalty or fine for an “alleged” MVDA violation, you will be able to compare what OMVIC has charged other dealers for the  same offence):

  • Date of Decision
  • Name of Dealer or Salesperson Charged
  • Law or Regulation in Issue
  • OMVIC Charge
  • Penalty or Fine Imposed
  • Other Conditions Imposed
  • Chair and/or Panel Members

• My GJA Phone-a-Lawyer Service: This service includes a telephone consultation with me annually, for up to 1 hour, to discuss any legal or compliance situation at your dealership. For example: you could be facing an upcoming OMVIC inspection, or maybe you just received an OMVIC or consumer complaint letter.  This simple 1-hour service, which will provide you with early and timely advice, could save you thousands of dollars.

• A Discounted Hourly Rate: If you decide to retain me to help you deal with an OMVIC charge, inspection, compliance or consumer complaint - and you are a current member of my association - I will discount my hourly rate by 25% for that retainer.